Sunday, November 18, 2007

mesmerizing fog

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It is the starting of the winter, and the end of the autumn. It is first time that I am seeing fog in this area. Sun is just rising from the other side of river, and causing some of the mesmerizing display of colors and lights in dense fog, most of which can’t be captured by my small camera.

This one is my office building, looking really spooky today.


When I am fed up with continuous emails, meetings and conf calls. I desperately need a walk to unwind my mind. If second half of my day is not so hectic, I try to extend my time and take a walk on this wooden track, which is along river side.

I feel the cool wind coming over the river in my face. Some time, it reminds me of the banks of Ganga.

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Ducks in Hudson River

Water is not blue, it is was just a cold day.

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one more fountain

this is one of the good thing in front of the office.

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